The Hobbit

Сказочное путешествие мистера Бильбо Беггинса, Хоббита / Soviet Union, 1985
Dir: Vladimir Latõšev



The children's film featured Zinovy Gerdt as "the professor" (a narrator stand-in for Tolkien), Mikhail Danilov as Bilbo Baggins, Anatoly Ravikovich as Thorin Oakenshield and Igor Dmitriev as Gollum. Smaug and the Mirkwood spiders were portrayed by puppets. Missing in this version are the trolls, Elrond, Beorn and the wood-elves. The goblins are human-like with little makeup, and were portrayed by dancers from the Leningrad State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, as are the inhabitants of Lake Town.

It would be unrealistic to expect the 75-minute adventure to captivate today’s viewers the way Peter Jackson’s films do. It is, however, in its own way, partially responsible for the growth in popularity of the fantastic world of Tolkien behind the Iron Curtain.


Length 1h 11'
Cast Mihhail Danilov, Nikolai Krasko, Anatoli Ravikovitš, Zinovi Gerdt
Production Lentelefilm
Programme Retro films
Genre fantasy, adventure, camp

Fri, 27.04.

23:45 - Basement Hall