Rock Steady Row

Rock Steady Row / USA, 2018
Dir: Trevor Stevens



When a lone freshman arrives at Rock Steady University he discovers that the campus is controlled by two warring factions: Kappa Brutus Omega and The High Society. His bike is stolen and shuffled into the fraternities' most valuable source of income, the bicycle market.  Turning the University into more of a war zone than a place of education, the freshman plays the rival fraternities against one another to reclaim his stolen bicycle. 


Director Trevor Stevens and writer Bomani Story have created a brilliantly original and imaginative genre mashup, turbo powered with stylish production design. The film is set in a cleverly abstracted realm of existence - a world where pencils kill people and it takes a band of badass women to rescure a mansel in distress. It's a violent, frat-comedy western with a perfectly-pitched, graphic novel villain and a budding, brooding Eastwood-esque hero.


Length 1h 25'
Subtitles EST
Cast Heston Horwin, Isaac Alisma, Logan Huffman
Script Bomani Story
Production Gunpowder & Sky
Awards and festivals Slamdance (Audience Award, Jury Grand Prize)
Programme Opening Film
Genre action, comedy

Fri, 27.04.

19:00 - Big Hall

Guests: director Trevor Stevens and actor Heston Horwin.