Valley of Shadows

Skyggenes dal / Norway, 2017
Dir: Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen



Between the sea and the mountains in a small village in Norway, Aslak (6) lives with his mother Astrid. A tragic event occurs that Aslak can´t quite understand and Astrid struggles to handle. Aslak´s friend Lasse (10) shows him a macabre scene; three half-eaten sheep killed on a full moon night. Lasse tells Aslak that whatever killed the sheep lives in the dark forest behind their house.

In a quest for answers, Aslak ventures into the menacing forest. Is what happens on his journey merely a boy’s imagination or is it reality? 

“Valley of Shadows” is a film in the tradition of Scandinavian Gothic fable.


Length 1h 31'
Subtitles ENG
Cast Adam Ekeli, Kathrine Fagerland, Jørgen Langhelle
Script Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen, Clement Tuffreau
Production Film Farms
Awards and festivals Toronto, Glasgow
Programme Main Programme
Genre mystery, gothic horror

Sat, 28.04.

13:30 - Big Hall