The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches

La petite fille qui aimait trop les allumettes / Canada, 2017
Dir: Simon Lavoie



Set in rural Quebec in the 1930s, the film examines the isolated existence of the Soissons family. The father and his father, his father and his wife, have decided to take a sermon to his progeny in a makeshift chapel in their house. His sudden death leaves the children to fend for themselves, but gradually they begin to question their father's teachings and uncover disturbing family secrets. Filmed in stunning black and white The Little Girl rival Revolution in its audacity and intelligence. Part horror movie, part scathing social criticism, it is shot through with a fevered, twisted eroticism and driven by truly daring performances, especially from its two young leads.


Length 1h 52'
Subtitles EST
Cast Marine Johnson, Antoine L'Écuyer, Jean-François Casabonne
Script Simon Lavoie
Production GPA Films
Awards and festivals Toronto, Göteborg
Programme Main Programme
Genre drama, crime

Sat, 28.04.

19:45 - Big Hall