Friday, 27.04

17.00 - 18.00 Make-up workshop in the Haapsalu Culture Centre lobby for everyone who wishes to get beat for the festival opening. Free of charge!
18.45 Red carpet with special guests in front of the Haapsalu Culture Centre. Dress code: horror glam.
19.00 Festival opening in the big hall with the international premiere of "Rock Steady Row" with director Trevor Stevens, actor Heston Horwin and producer Gia Rigoli in attendance.
23.00 Festival opening party "Tanz der Vampire" in Haapsalu Kuursaal. First guests with costumes get a free drink from Avallone! Ticket 5€, cash only.


Saturday, 28.04

15.30 Meet the Filmmakers: Director Deborah Haywood ("Pin Cushion"). Big hall
17.30 Meet the Filmmakers: Director Harry Kümel ("Daughters of Darkness"). Small hall.
19.30 Meet the Filmmakers: Director Adolfo Kolmerer ("Snowflake"). Small hall.
23.00 “Devil's Dozen”, HÕFF's 13th birthday in club Africa. DJ: Madis Nestor, Rain Tolk, MEISTERJAAN LIVE. Ticket 5€, cash only.


Sunday, 29.04

12.00 Meet the Filmmakers: Director Jonas Govaerts ("Cub"). Big hall.
17.00 HÕFF closing ceremony. Winner of the short film Méliès d'Argent announced. Ending film: "Tigers Are Not Afraid". Big hall.